Performance Documentation | Beans Beans Beans

During the birthday party of a reclusive billionaire (in circa 1800 sterling) the wife of a high-ranking military official is transformed into a Zebra by sand-painters, then defenestrated by her husband. Her fall from the mega-zeppelin high above the fictional nation of Montepoopoo results in the death of the country's most beloved icon, one Arch- Bishop Donkey, which in turn sparks an international conflict. Born of a wintry evening in early 2011, Beans! Beans! Beans! is a quick change Oscar Wilde tribute band murder-mystery. An attempt to skirt the line of unintelligibility with regard to narrative, moving toward ramshackle spectacle while retaining the charm of Anglophilic proscenium theater. Featuring original music, animation, drag cabaret, puppets, and BBC radio drama, Beans played in Philadelphia in 2011, then toured the East Coast in the Summer of 2012. Daybe Byrne Candra Kennedy Zac Palladino Jeremy Prouty